Neurologist Salary – How Much Does a Neurologist Earn?

counting money Human beings possess complex bodily systems which are vital for the continuity of life processes. One such system is referred to as the nervous system; a highly sophisticated network of nerves that regulate and direct other body activities and functions. Disorders and other disturbances in the nervous system are not at all uncommon; this is where neurology and neurologists come in. Neurology is a branch of medicine concerned in treating disorders and conditions affecting the nervous system. Medical professionals who specialize in the field of neurology are referred to as neurologists. Being seemingly a very intricate branch of medicine, one might wonder, how much would a doctor who deals with such a vast field make? A neurologist salary can just say so much about the complexities of the job and the amount of time that needs to be devoted for an individual to be adept in the field.

People who intend to pursue a career as a neurologist need to be real serious with the path that they choose to undertake; years of extensive training and dedication is required if a person intends to be a specialist in the practice. In terms of education, several years should be spent in the institution so that aspiring neurologists can be prepared and acquire comprehensive knowledge needed for the profession. This includes 4 years in college, 4 more years in medical school, a 1-2 year internship and several more years in a neurology residency program (in the United States). And on top of that, it is important to take note that there is a board exam that they should pass so that they may finally be considered to be a certified professional. All those years are spent so that the neurologist will be equipped with all the wisdom and understanding that their chosen career requires.

Depending on the number of years of experience, a neurologist salary can range from $123,000 to about $230,000 per annum. For veterans in the field, the pay is expected to be even higher, without a doubt. The most experienced professionals and those who have the highest salaries receive from $400,000 to higher sums.  Experience isn’t really the only factor when it comes to the rate; the ones based in larger and more popular cities are expected to have a higher yearly salary compared to others who are located in more remote places. It is still important to note that these staggering numbers aren’t what new neurologists would come across with during their first few years of practice. For beginners, the pay starts at around the range between $60,000 and $97,000. However, they should not fret as after years of exposure and striving to become a better neurologist, they can expect the rates to climb up to the numbers mentioned earlier.

In different regions across the globe, the rates certainly vary. For instance, the average salary of a neurologist in the UK is approximately £86,000 per year. On the other hand, the salary per annum in Australia is around AU$52,000 to AU$230,000. Moreover, in Canada the annual salary would be about 154,000 CAD to 290,000 CAD. If you consider the conversion rates and the standards of living among these countries, the rates are very close to one another and are almost relatively the same. Still, experience plays an important role for the exact amount of salary which a neurologist can receive in any given location.